Presentation of Polish music in BBC 3 - Through the Night, Polish National Day

The radio programme "Through the Night, Polish National Day" broadcasted by BBC Radio 3 on 11th November was commenced with Polish music performed by Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Pawel Przytocki. The recordings of the pieces composed by polish composers presented during this programme were made by Polish Radio. The listeners could admire (among the others): Polonaise triomphale in A major by Juliusz Zarębski, Piano Concerto in C major by Franciszek Lessel and Symphony in D major by Józef Wieniawski - the pieces which were perforemed by Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Przytocki in The Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio in Warsaw on 25th May 2014. This broadcast is a real privilage for the artist and shows a true appreciation for both the almost obscure but valuable pieces and high artistic level of performing.